The Space Star doesn't just have great looks that will stop traffic. It's also been engineered for high-speed stability. So you can weave gracefully through the city or navigate those narrow country roads with ease.

Aerodynamic design

Express your freedom and style

The distinctive face, expressive sides and the rounded back all add an air of refinement to the Space Star. With looks this good, you'll want to show it off wherever you can.

BI-Xenon HID Headlights

Illuminate the road ahead

The High-Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs in the headlights are filled with Xenon gas, producing a light that illuminates the road ahead more brightly to improve your visibility.

Keyless Operation System (KOS)

No need to reach for your keys

Sensors in the Space Star detect when the key is close, whether it’s in your pocket or your bag. This means the driver's side door and tailgate can be unlocked without the need to reach for your key.

Electric Adjustable Wing Mirrors

Better to be safe than sorry

Avoid accidental damage on those narrow city streets or move the mirrors to suit your seating position, with electric adjustable mirrors that can be folded inwards with the touch of a button.

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