Discover Mitsubishi Motors

Discover Mitsubishi Motors

Get to know our philosophy, our past, and find out about the concept cars we've been working on.


Drive your Ambition

This is our global tagline. You’ll see it in quite a lot of places, from our advertising to our brochures and our dealerships. But it's more than just a tagline. To us it represents something much bigger.

Our ongoing commitment to you

We believe that Drive your Ambition is a powerful statement of our ongoing commitment to the aspirations of our drivers. And when we say our drivers, we mean you, the people who share a passion for our cars.

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100 years of Mitsubishi Motors

Our automotive story began in 1917. That was the year we started to develop our very first car, the Model-A. In 2017, Mitsubishi Motors celebrated 100 years of automotive manufacturing. Throughout all that time, we've dedicated ourselves to the advancement of the automotive industry with a fearless commitment to innovation.

We are the pioneers

In 1982 the Pajero/Montero established the SUV market. In 2009 we launched the i-MiEV, the world's first mass-production EV. In 2013 the Outlander PHEV launched the Plug-in Hybrid market.

Proud to be part of the Mitsubishi Group

In 2020 we’ll be celebrating another milestone: 150 years of being part of the Mitsubishi Group. This broad collection of companies covers a swathe of industries from refrigeration to shipping. We're very proud of the fact that there's a legacy of excellence not only within Mitsubishi Motors, but right across the whole Group.


We never stop moving forward

It would be easy to be complacent; we’ve made some award winning cars and we could leave it at that. But that’s not good enough for us and we don’t think it’s good enough for you. Our aim is to do much more than that.

Pushing back the frontiers

We want our drivers to experience things they have never before experienced. So we’ll continue to support your ambition to challenge yourself and broaden your life.

How can we do that? By improving our SUVs with innovative technology and engineering craftsmanship. We also do it by ensuring our electric vehicles deliver a superior driving experience. And finally, by intelligently integrating new technologies to deliver exciting and revolutionary vehicles.

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Electric Vehicle technology

The future is electric

We started to focus on electric vehicles back in 1970. In 2009 we launched the i-MiEV, the world’s first pure electric vehicle available to the mass market. Four years later, the Outlander PHEV made a dramatic entrance. It has the best of both worlds: EV and hybrid.

The world’s first Plug-in Hybrid SUV

In 2013 we launched the Outlander PHEV, the world’s first Plug-in Hybrid SUV, which established our position as a global leader in green technologies. We’ll continue to improve the acceleration and the quietness of our electric vehicles, which are the true hallmarks of outstanding EV performance.

Concept Cars

The e-EVOLUTION has begun

Want to see what we’re currently working on? At the 45th Tokyo International Motor Show in November 2017, we unveiled our e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT car.

Take a glimpse into the future

This vehicle confirms our commitment to the values and aspirations of our drivers. It represents all our strengths in SUV technology, electrification and system integration that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make you feel more connected to your car than ever before. It’s not just streets ahead, it’s years ahead.

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