Buying a car from Mitsubishi Motors

There are many reasons to buy a new car from us. Cutting edge technology and a superior driving experience are just two of them.

We've made buying our cars really easy


Choose your car

Choose the car that fits your requirements, then choose a model that has all the features you want.


Configure your vehicle

Decide on your preferred exterior colour, interior finish and accessories. You'll get a price summary.


Find a dealership

Search for your nearest dealership to schedule a visit, ask any questions you might have or arrange a test drive.


Turn your dream into reality

We offer different types of finance, all of them flexible and with different monthly costs to suit your budget. If you’re part exchanging, get a valuation for your existing car.

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Why buy a car from us?

You get a lot more than just peace of mind and the latest engineering techniques:


3 years or 100,000 kms manufacturer warranty

Starting from the day you purchase your vehicle 

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

10 years or 1 million kms extended warranty


Mitsubishi Motors Assistance*

Cover for mechanical or electrical breakdown

Service Plan

Mitsubishi Motors Service Plan

Silver & Gold plans that will reduce your overall cost of maintenance and increase your vehicles resale value

Quick Service

Quick Service

1 hour quick lube service 



Our designs are robust, dependable and no detail is overlooked. We call this Mitsubishi-ness.