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Recharge your drive, in the brand new Mitsubishi Outlander with our June Exclusive Finance Deal*. Outperform at attractive price starting from BD 10,450 with zero down payment*

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Space Star

Starting from BD 4,400

This small family car leads its class in fuel efficiency, which means fewer petrol stops. It has flexible seating, plenty of luggage space and it's really easy to park.


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Starting from BD 5,170

From outstanding fuel economy and easy manoeuvrability to a roomy interior and a high level of features, the Attrage offers everything you need in one brilliantly thought out package.

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Starting from BD 7,700

The ASX has advanced 4WD, which offers better manoeuvrability and excellent roadholding. So whatever you’re up against – slippery streets, potholes or tight parking spaces – the ASX takes them all in its stride.

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Starting from BD 10,450 with Zero Downpayment & Attractive Finance Deal

With its strong Mitsubishi SUV heritage, the completely redesigned OUTLANDER is a game-changer, ready to take you anywhere.

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Starting from BD 7,700

The Xpander is a new breed of Compact SUV, with a tough exterior and a welcoming interior. The Xpander offers a premium ride and has low fuel consumption.

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Eclipse Cross

Starting from BD 8,580

We've created a high-performance SUV and combined it with our off-road expertise for a new kind of driving experience.

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Starting from BD 7,590

We put the L200 pickup through rigorous tests. But being tough wasn’t enough for us. It had to be able to endure the harshest conditions – it had to go beyond tough.

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