Our range of SUVs

Our SUVs vary from compact sporty models, ideal for city and country alike, to family models for more comfort and leisure 


Our compact SUV is both practical and economical, so it fits every aspect of your life and your budget.


Ultimate and genuine all rounder SUV trained by worldwide terrain. Worldwide standard reliability, durability and performance.

Eclipse Cross

Our mid-sized sporty SUV has category-defining looks that makes a bold statement on the road.


5 Seats


A spacious, versatile SUV that's perfect for families and fully equipped to cope with modern life.


5/7 Seats

Who helped to create the 4WD vehicle boom? That would be us

The first four wheel drive

In 1936 production began of the PX-33, Japan's first 4WD diesel passenger car prototype.

We produced our J3 jeep in 1953

The J3 Jeep led us to launch the 4WD Pajero in 1982.

The benefits of an SUV

SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. Think of it as a cross between a four wheel drive off-road vehicle and an estate car. The higher ground clearance means they can cope equally with urban roads and bumpy tracks, making them ideal for both town use and weekend adventures. And the taller, roomier cabins means there's more space for passengers and luggage alike.

SUV Technology

Nobody does SUVs and 4WD like we do

Super Select 4WD

1991 saw the introduction of Super Select 4WD, which was incorporated into the second generation Pajero. It allowed the driver to seamlessly switch between 2WD and 4WD modes whilst on the move at speeds of up to 100km/h.

Super Select 4WD II

Our vehicles that go off-road to a greater extent, such as the L200 pickup and Shogun Sport have Super Select 4WD II. It has four driving modes: 2H is for rear-wheel 2WD and offers a quieter ride and improved fuel economy. 4H switches to 4WD for towing or slippery conditions. Setting 4HLc is for low grip surfaces and 4LLc is for steep hills, mud, sand or snow. By using an electrically operated shifting mechanism, the driver can easily change mode while on the move. It means the vehicle offers a smoother ride and better traction and stability, whether you’re off-road or on tarmac.

S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control)

We introduced AWC (All-Wheel Control), a 4WD system which offered superior handling and performance. Later on, we introduced S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control). This is an Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System that takes the AWC concept to the highest level. It works by controlling the driving and braking forces on each individual wheel. The net result is a vehicle that is not only highly responsive to the driver’s commands under different conditions, it also offers a more comfortable drive and greater peace of mind.

SUV performance engines

We introduced 2.5L intercooled diesel turbo engines and 3.0L V6 petrol engines, upgraded to the new high-efficiency 3.5L. The all new Outlander was launched in 2005 and was powered by the 2.4L V6 MIVEC engine.