Mitsubishi 2020 Final Clearance Sale

Drive you ambition with an unbeatable price

Space Star

Designed to make life easier

This small family car leads its class in fuel efficiency, which means fewer petrol stops. It has flexible seating, plenty of luggage space and it's really easy to park.


The compact saloon you've been waiting for

From outstanding fuel economy and easy manoeuvrability to a roomy interior and a high level of features, the Attrage offers everything you need in one brilliantly thought out package.


Own the ASX. Own the city

Easy to park. Easy to drive. Easy to love. This neat SUV is compact enough to weave nimbly around the city, yet big enough to be practical. And the advanced electronic 4WD system offers excellent roadholding in all conditions.


Prepare to be amazed

With a flexible seating arrangement for more passengers or extra cargo, and an impressive petrol engine, this is an SUV that's equally at home in the city or country.

Eclipse Cross

The sporty SUV that's ready for action

We've created a high-performance SUV and combined it with our off-road expertise for a new kind of driving experience.


The ultimate off-roader

From the equator to the arctic, the Pajero has proven it’s got what it takes. With such powerful off-road credentials, it’s ready to take on any environment. And driving it is so exhilarating, you’ll wish you discovered it sooner.

Montero Sport

Take your journey to a new level

The Montero Sport is an SUV that is unashamedly fun to drive. It offers high speed stability and maneuverability, and can tackle any terrain thanks to an advanced 4WD system.